SKrafty Minecraft

Status: Online
Game version: 1.8.x-1.12.x
Players: 11/1 (Players list)

SKrafty Class List at a Glance

On SKrafty we have many classes available as part of our SKrafty EDU Subscription.  Choices are great, right?  However, it can be a bit overwhelming when trying to decide which ones to choose.  We have created this super helpful pdf which shows all of our classes If...

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Pilgrim Hat Marshmallow Pops

Since Thanksgiving is just right around the corner I wanted to share these adorable Pilgrim Hat Marshmallow Pops with you!  They are really very simple to make!  We are so much looking forward to sharing our second Thanksgiving on SKrafty with everyone.  It's going to...

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Saving Memories Forever

I have always been intrigued by history.  Our favorite way to learn about history, in fact, is not from textbooks but from real, living books, biographies, autobiographies, and personal experiences.  Learning about the history of my family is something that I've...

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Girl in The Woods Blog Planner Review

If any of you are running a business or a blog from home then you know how important it is to be organized. Well, honestly even if you're not running a business it can be tough to fit it all in.  It's so easy to let things slip through the cracks when you're having to...

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Easy Onion Bagel Pizza

A while back I got a great deal on bagels. I think it was like a quarter per pack or something like that.  I went ahead & stocked up on several different kinds like plain, blueberry, whole wheat, etc.  I also decided to grab a couple of packs of Onion Bagels.  I...

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Nothing is too big for God to handle

I got a major punch in the gut yesterday. Yesterday we found out that my sweet 4 yr old has severe hearing loss in his left ear. At this point we don't know the cause, and we don't know what lies ahead on this journey.  Of course I pray that it's something easy to...

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Pink Clouds

My 5 yr old(aka Little Speedy) came running into the kitchen this evening very excitedly.  "Mom, Come look at this!"  As I asked him what it was he said "There are some pretty pink clouds in the sky, come look!" I followed him to the window he had been sitting at only...

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The Rainbow House

I love this picture from my 6 yr old.  It's a picture of the house he wants to live in when he grows up.  He says you have to slide down the rainbow to leave. ...

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