Is your homeschool student interested in discussing and sharing their interests with others? SKrafty has several clubs meeting monthly for that purpose!  They can connect with new and current friends online!  Read on for more information!

How Does it Work?
  • Select one or more of the clubs below, and click the link to register your students.  Make sure you’re logged in with their account before registering.
  • Once registered, the club will show up in your available class list.  You can bookmark it for future reference.
  • Make note of the first meeting date and time on your calendar.
  • On club day, be sure to head over to the club listing in your class list for the live classroom link.  Note that times are listed in Central Time.
SKrafty Clubs Available

SKrafty Photography Club
First meeting September 6th at 4:00 PM CST
Meets every 1st Thursday

SKrafty Survival Club
Meets every 2nd Friday at 11:00 AM

SKrafty Baking Club
Next meeting September 21st at 4:00 PM
Meets every 3rd Friday at 4:00 PM

SKrafty Birding Club
Meets every 1st Friday at 1:00 PM

SKrafty Book Club
Meets every 4th Friday at 4:00 PM

SKrafty Pixel Art Club
Meets every 4th Wednesday at 2:00 PM