Dave Ramsey’s personal finance curriculum has taught me important financial lessons. I have learned about many important things from getting out of debt, never getting in debt and all about global economics. I knew almost nothing to do with finance before this class and it has already affected how I am going to start adulthood.


This is the biggest lesson I probably learned from this course. Debt is the number one cause of divorce in the US and is completely avoidable if you start avoiding it young. If you start working and begin to gather money and let it accrue more money eventually you will have enough to buy a house and a car as long as you are smart! Everyone needs to be smart with their money. Debit cards are the way to go because it only lets you spend the money that you HAVE.


This course goes through many important facts about saving. If you save a set amount of money every month you can guarantee that you will have money in the future. I’ve learned that all you need is patience to become wealthy. Even when you are wealthy you can continue to accrue money for your future and retirement. You never have an excuse for not saving money. 


You don’t find it very easy to save at first and that’s because you always worry that you will not have enough money to buy things that you have wanted (not needed). Dave Ramsey teaches that you should budget EVERYTHING. Planning on going out to eat? Put it in the budget. Decide how much money is going to you and how much is going to the future you. You never want to lose control of your money so put it all in the right place to save for the future.

Editor’s Note:  This post is written by 17 year old Elijah who was very happy that he took this course over the summer.  It has been a huge benefit to him.

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