If your kids can’t get enough Minecraft, then this project is for you. Little Minecraft lovers will jump at the chance to bring their favorite game to life off the screen. You might even be relieved that they are taking a break from the video game to run around a bit. This simple creeper mask is made from a single paper plate, so it costs almost nothing to make and you probably already have everything you need to make it right now.

Minecraft-Inspired Creeper Mask

Young Minecraft lovers will love making and wearing this creeper mask!

Minecraft-Inspired Creeper Mask

If your kids love Minecraft, but you don’t love the price of the official costumes, they will love making and wearing this homemade creeper mask.

What you’ll need to make the creeper mask:

  • Green markers (2-3 shades)
  • Black marker
  • Paper plate
  • Elastic string
  • Scissors

Cut the paper plate into a square.

Draw the outline of the creeper’s mouth and eyes onto the paper plate. Fit the mask over your child’s head and put a dot over their eyes. This will be the center of your creeper’s eyes.

Cut two holes on either side of the mask and tie the string to the holes. Check your child’s head size to ensure a snug fit.

Fill in the eyes, nose, and mouth with black marker.

Add squares to the rest of the mask in varying shades of green. You don’t have to follow the precise pattern of the creeper. When we tried that, there was too much white and it didn’t look as much like a creeper as when we filled in all the white holes in the mask.

Cut out the eye squares so the child can see while wearing the mask.

Let your kids play with the masks as soon as you are sure the marker is dry. They will love running around the house trying to explode on people.