Minecraft-Inspired Creeper Ornaments

Minecraft isn’t usually thought of as a festive or particularly Christmas-y game, but once you see these delightful creepers with their festive Santa hats, you’ll want to transform all your favorite Minecraft blocks into Christmas blocks. These melty bead Minecraft ornaments are so easy to make, even young kids will have a blast making them. Create fun memories that capture your children’s interest and provide holiday memories at the same time!

Minecraft-Inspired Creeper Ornaments

Make these melty bead creepers with your Minecraft-loving kids!

What you’ll need to make the Minecraft creeper ornaments:

  • Melty beads in white, red, black, and various shades of green
  • Square melty bead tray
  • Iron
  • Parchment paper or the paper that came with your melty beads
  • Hot glue gun
  • String

Our Minecraft creeper is built on an 8X8 square. This is large enough to include all of the necessary elements of a creeper face without overwhelming your Christmas tree. This size makes an ornament with a total height of about 3 inches.

Use the following pattern to make your creeper. When the pattern says “G” that can stand for any color of green. Creepers are a mix of greens, so don’t worry about getting the pattern exactly right. It is easiest if you make the face then add the hat on top of the face.

Bead Pattern Key

  • G= Green
  • B= Black
  • R= Red
  • W=White
  • X= No beads

Creeper Face Pattern


Hat Pattern


Place the beads on the tray according to the pattern (use the picture for guidance if you need help). After arranging all the beads, heat your iron to medium heat.

Place the paper over the beads and apply pressure with the heated iron for about 20 seconds. If the beads have fused together but not started to fold over, you’ve heated it long enough.

Remove the beads from the tray and flip the creeper over.

Place the paper on the exposed side of the creeper and iron for another 20 seconds to seal the second side.

Cut a string about 3 inches long. Glue to the back of the creeper with hot glue.

Your Minecraft ornament is ready to hang on your tree!