US History Writing: Week 6 Homework Assignment

-Write your own version of the Boston Tea Party story, using only your kwo and brainstorming ideas to guide you.  Write in your own words. You may change the characters and add more detail to your story, as long as you do not change the historical facts. Here are images of the KWO you did in class in case you need a reminder:

Once you’ve written your paragraph, review the checklist with your editor to be sure you’ve included all the necessary requirements. Type your final draft in Google Docs. If you need help doing this, you can view a writing sample in your Lesson page for Week 1 as well as the topic “How to send a Google Doc” under that lesson.

Please send your paper to no later than 1 pm on Tuesday, October 31st.

-Study the vocabulary words for Lesson 6.  

Literature: Continue reading Johnny Tremain.  The book should be completed by the end of lesson 10.  


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