We really enjoyed getting to know some of you last night and discussing the IEW Method of writing and grammar as well as the classes SKrafty will be offering next year.  The writing process taught by the Institute for Excellence in Writing is a beautiful way to teach writing that produces amazing writers who actually don’t hate writing.  If you are on the fence or wondering what it’s all about you will definitely want to watch our IEW Informational Video below that explains the process and how to fit it in to your homeschool.

One of the biggest hesitations I’ve heard for using the IEW writing method is that it can be parent intensive.  That’s where we at SKrafty have you covered!  We have live online IEW writing classes taught by caring, experienced IEW teachers who will come along side parents in teaching.  Our teachers will do all the teaching during a live class once a week, AND they also grade their papers!  It’s really a win-win situation as students get the benefit of this amazing writing program without the need to completely learn a new program.  For information on how IEW works and to see your SKrafty IEW Class options watch the video below.

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Want to register for classes? Head over HERE to see all the SKrafty Live Class Options for 2019/2020 and register. Email us at support@SKrafty.com if you have any questions or need help with placement.