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$8.00 / month

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  • JediMaster
  • GameMaster
  • Spiderman
  • Hulk
  • Princess
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[rankname] playername

  • Jumpy feather
  • GrappleHook
  • Emotes
  • Morphs
  • Pets
  • Cookie Clicker
  • Heads
  • Chat Color
  • Skritter Storage
  • COLOR Chat in our Hub Servers
  • A Bunch Of Hub PERKS!
  • 4000 SK Donator Nuggets a month
  • /me command access
  • /skull in survival servers
  • change gamemodes
    in creative worlds
  • exclusive cosmetics
  • exclusive gadgets
  • /near in non-pvp worlds
  • 10 homes in survival worlds
  • /list everywhere
  • pets in hub
  • color signs
  • 5 plots in plot worlds
  • enderchest in survival worlds
  • flashlight in survival worlds
  • unlimited AFK everywhere
  • VIP AFK in the hub
  • backpack in survival worlds
  • exclusive hub games


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8 reviews for RankUp

  1. Stevenhotrod

    Great fun!

  2. benprog19

    The donator ranks definitely make your username stick out in chat which is what I love about the ranks. Especially when being a helper, it comes in handy to get users attention more easily. The other perks that come with it are nice as well.

  3. NoHaxJustEP

    Very fun perks and also a good help to SK itself

  4. Xanbelor (verified owner)

    Cool I like it has cool perks and a cool name tag

  5. Sciencelover77

    Very fun if you can get it to work.

  6. PG3D_PRO2019

    love the rank I wish I could change tho

    • Holly Syx

      You can change your rank! Just email support@SKrafty.com with the rank you’d like and we will change it.

  7. Pacman404

    I like the rank up but I do not know how somethings work

  8. TheJTwin

    Just wanna say that you can’t change your game mode. at least from what I tried.

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