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SKrafty Fall 2021/2022 Live Classes At a Glance

Are you planning on adding some live classes to your homeschool this year?  Let SKrafty do the teaching and grading for you!  The benefits of taking an online class with SKrafty are huge. Your student will be taught by caring instructors who are knowledgeable about...

SKrafty Online Homeschool Community

Come join our online homeschool classes and fun family friendly community of like-minded homeschoolers.  We have 100s of online homeschool self-paced courses and awesome live classes taught by teachers who agree with our statement of faith.  Each of our online homeschool courses have tests and quizzes which are automatically graded.  Students earn points and can level up by completing course tasks in the SKrafty Online Homeschool Classes.

In addition to our Online Homeschool Classes We also developed the first agile and unique online homeschool planner called “The Handy Homeschool Planner” aka HHP.  This agile planner provides you with the flexibility of drag and drop and smart technology that moves incomplete items to the next week.  HHP also includes integrated SKrafty courses, create your own custom courses, report cards, printable schedule, calendars and more!

Recent Blog Entries

SKrafty 2020 Year In Review

SKrafty 2020 Year In Review

Dear 2020, You were a very interesting year to say the least.  Between the pandemic, social unrest, heightened political strife, government overreach, toilet paper shortages & all the other craziness some might say you were a pretty bad year, even Dystopian...

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Try SKrafty for $10

Try SKrafty for $10

Have you wanted to give SKrafty EDU a try, but just haven't yet?  NOW is the time to give it a try. You will not find it at a better price.  Right now through 12/31 you can grab a SKrafty EDU Subscription for only $10 for the first month.  That is a HUGE savings as it...

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Merry Christmas – SKrafty Coupon

Merry Christmas – SKrafty Coupon

I can hardly believe it is Christmas Eve already. This year has been such a roller coaster in every sense of the word.  March through about May was like the slow roll up the track before we were launched speeding down the track into the most volatile year ever with...

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Rent our birthday party servers to host your own SKrafty Birthday Party on SKrafty!  You will be the host with special menus and you and your friends will enjoy our Birthday Party Games!  Freeze Tag – Coasters – Mazes


In game rewards for doing chores at home!  Parents get a special code each day to reward their children with SKrafty Nuggets for completing chores at home!  Use Nuggets to purchase keys to open treasure chest filled with fun hub perks!


Gives the player awesome in game perks and a prefix beside their user name. Your Rank-Up keeps SKrafty going and allows us to continue the development, maintenance and support that keeps the server kid friendly.


You will have Owner commands and a special menu.  Your server will have the same built-in chat filters and moderation as all of SKrafty.  Groups and Co-oops can use their server as a place to get together.

About Us

SKrafty is run by the Syx Family from Alabama! We have a large family with 5 sons and a daughter who homeschool and also love to play Minecraft.


Minecraft Adventure

Every lesson in each course includes a Minecraft Build Adventure!

Our First Mission

One of the advantages of homeschooling is being able to integrate education with things our children love. We want to take advantage of this excitement they have to play Minecraft. While our courses are great without the Minecraft Build Challenges we encourage you to use the Minecraft homeschool feature and mold it into an immersive learning experience with each course.  Have fun homeschooling with Minecraft!

Our Second Mission

To create an awesome gaming and online community which is wholesome and fun! This has become not only our mission but also the mission of many SKrafty parents who help us moderate and coach children daily.  That plus our automated filters makes our Homeschool Minecraft Server the most heavily moderated Homeschool Minecraft Server in the world.

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