SKrafty Private Server Rental

From: $7.99 / month

Slots are how many concurrent users that can be connected to your server. You may open your server to all of SKrafty players or lock it down to only the players you would like to join. All players must be whitelisted on SKrafty in order to join your server. All SKrafty rules and chat moderation have to be followed on private server rentals. Chat filters are also in place on private server rentals. These are in place for your safety and the integrity of the server.

Packages Available:
Dirt – Survival World
Grass – Creative Open World (not plots)
Stone – Creative World With Plots
Iron – You will have 2 worlds. One creative and one survival. You will be able to switch back and forth to your creative or survival world. These are open worlds and not plots.
Diamond – You will have 2 worlds. One creative plot world and an open survival world.

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Do you want to get some of your friends together on your own private SKrafty server? Players will enter SKrafty and then move over to the private server. Your server will have the same built-in chat filters and moderation as all of SKrafty. The possibilities are great. Groups and Co-oops can use their server as a place to get together during the week and work on educational projects together or just have some fun. This is also a great way to take a SKrafty class together (standard class rates apply).

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Server Package Options

Dirt, Grass, Stone, Iron, Diamond


Yes, No


5, 10, 15


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