I am participating in a FUN giveaway with several other bloggers and wanted to share with you all some of the WONDERFUL resources they have shared during the giveaway.  Homeschoolers will find tons of great articles in this roundup.  Check out the links below:

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Homeschooling a Child with Autism by Coupons and Freebies Mom

10 Things to Buy a Homeschool Family that Will Make them Feel Loved by Adventures in Autismland

Back To School Supply List Tech Style

Letting Go of Perfection in Bible Study with  your Kids by Danica Cooley

36 Bible Truths for Your Homeschool Year by Katie J Trent

31 Days of Homeschool Helps by Townsend House

How to Make a Homeschool Portfolio by Heart & Soul Homeschooling

How to Manage Large Family Homeschooling by Kid Minds

What Should I be Teaching by Freedom Homeschooling

How to Choose a  Homeschooling Curriculum by That Bald Chick

Homeschool Lifestyle

Five Universal Lessons the Olympics can Teach Us

Gena’s Homeschool Curriculum from Elementary Through High School

How To Choose the Best Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool Supply List for Successful Unschooling

Number Recognition Printable Activity

Back To Homeschool Tips

Curriculum Picks for a Charlotte Mason Inspired 4th & 6th Grade

5 Things to Do Before the First Homeschool Day

Homeschool Multiple Ages with Confidence

Busy Educational Activities for Young Children

10 Great Websites for Your Homeschool

100+ Hands On Activities for Middle School & High School

Yearly Planning Calendar Printable

Homeschool Tips for a Great Back To School Year