We are so excited to be able to offer so many new Online Fine Arts Classes this year!  One new addition that is sure to be amazing is Art Classes with Sally, The Brit Lady!  There are class options for all ages from 5 and up!

According to the Brit Lady, Sally, everyone is an art genius. They can be taught to “see” like an artist and they can be taught the skills to be a confident one.

Children are born loving art.
They draw imaginatively at a young age.
Every piece that they produce is a masterpiece in their eyes. You have a fridge door to prove this. At this age they are oozing confidence and love to paint and draw. At a certain age their drawing transitions to the realm of realism. The world is revealed to them through older eyes and they see their stick figure for what it is.
If they have not attained the technical skills to cross this bridge then the paints and pencils are packed away and they grow up believing that they cannot draw.   Most teachers did not go to art school to become an artist and most artists are those people that could just paint and draw and have no idea how they do what they do. 
What if you could join a class that was taught by someone that wanted to be an artist since she was ten years old?
She went to art school and got her bachelor’s degree in art. She also ended up getting married, having eight children and homeschooling.
Through that experience Sally, the Brit Lady learned how to pass on her passion for art. It can be learned incrementally like any other subject. 
Join us for a fun year learning to see like an artist and building the skills to confidently say that you are one.   See all the options & register by clicking one of the links below:

Art with the Brit Lady Ages 11+ – Live Class Meeting Tuesdays at 2PM Central Time

Art with the Brit Lady Ages 8-10 – Live Class meeting Tuesdays at 1:15 PM Central Time

Art with the Brit Lady Ages 5 – 7 – Live Class Meeting Tuesdays at 12:15 PM Central Time