Can we do it all?

I have been homeschooling for over 16 years now, and I have to say that sometimes you just gotta admit that you can’t fit it all in. I have tried to add certain things over the years to our homeschool. Some have been a raving success, but others a complete failure. You never know till you try!

As a semi-follower of Charlotte Mason style learning, I have always tried to add things like Nature Studies, Handicrafts & such. However those are always the first to fall to the wayside when crunch time comes. With 6 teens in my homeschool this year, I am determined to get some of these often forgotten but fun and valuable add-ons done!


SKraftyTogether will cover several of these things!

Why should your students join SKrafty Together?

  • Sessions include Logic, Handicrafts, Nature Studies, Geography, Minecraft, & More!!
  • Weekly Themes
  • Fun & Learning with friends
  • Social Interaction in a safer environment
  • It won’t be boring
  • They might learn something 😉
  • Did I mention it will be fun?
  • Wiggle & Stretch Breaks so they won’t be sitting at the computer the whole time.
  • Cost is per family

SKrafty Together is the online homeschool meetup you’ve always wanted! It’s like a homeschool co-op, but online! The sessions are carefully chosen to appeal to a wide interest of students. Students will love meeting up together online with their friends. They will be learning, crafting, engaging, playing together interactively and having so much fun each week. We have been running online courses and meetups for years. SKrafty Together is another exciting addition to the SKrafty family of opportunities for kids to be social, play & learn online in a safer and moderated environment.

SKrafty Together Online Meetup Info HERE