Pi Day Minecraft

What is Pi?  Pi represents a number.  It’s an infinite number.  That mean it goes on and on and on and never stops.  A shortened form of PI is 3.14 so that’s why we talk about PI on March 14th each year or 3/14.  It is represented by the Greek symbol.

Watch this video about Pi:

This is really cool, and what Pi would sound like musically from New Scientist:

Minecraft Pi Project

Note:  If you are building this on SKrafty PLEASE let a mod or admin know so we can come take a picture to share with everyone else!! 🙂

Now that you’ve learned a little about Pi, let’s have a Minecraft Challenge!! Can you build Pi in Minecraft?  Of course you can!

The number for Pi is 3.14159265358979323846864338327950288419716939937510582097… and it goes on and on and on.

Build a representation of Pi in Minecraft.  You can use any materials you want.  I chose to use wool.  In the picture you can see that the first column has 3 wool in it, the 2nd one has 1 wool, the 4th has 4 and so on.

Build #2:  Here’s another idea if you’d like!  Build a pixel art image of Pi.  Here’s what it looks like:



To start you can print it or draw it on Graph paper to get perspective.

IRL Project

Now that you’ve learned about Pi and built your Pi…it’s time to have a little snack!  Make a Pi!!  Use your favorite recipe and create one of these:



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