This is the time of year when many homeschooling families evaluate what they’ve been doing so far in their homeschool. December is a great time to step back, see what’s working, see what’s not working, and maybe add something new to your homeschool! Have you tried online self paced classes yet? They have really been a great thing for our family. My kiddos are able to login to our SKrafty EDU system, head to their bookmarked courses and just do the next thing. I love it. They love it. It’s a win-win situation! They are able to be a bit more independent, but with our optional self-graded quizzes I can also check in to see how they’re doing.

Why Choose SKrafty Self Paced Online Classes?

1) We have many different options. Students can choose classes which require popular textbooks such as Apologia Science, Life of Fred Math, or The Mystery of History and more. Don’t want to use textbooks? That’s ok too because we also have several courses to choose from with no textbook required.

2) Minecraft? Or not? Whether your child is into Minecraft or not they will still benefit from our courses. One of the FUN things we offer is a Minecraft activity for nearly every lesson. The Minecraft activities are a great add-on to the learning experience of the courses and really help to enhance what the students are learning. However, they are totally optional and your students will still learn plenty without them if desired.

3) It’s affordable! For only $12.50 per month you can get access to all of our self-paced classes with a SKrafty EDU Lite Subscription. Our LITE subscription includes our most popular self-paced classes and there are plenty from which to choose!

OR, if you want more you can choose the FULL EDU Subscription for $24.99/month ($12.50 for additional siblings) which includes huge discounts on live and premium classes plus access to RightNow Media which includes more than 20,000 video Bible studies, leadership videos, conference sessions, and resources on parenting, marriage, discipleship, and more, at your fingertips such as Drive Through History, What’s In The Bible, Apologetics resources and more!

4) We’ve got community! Whether it’s a question about a quiz or just a comment about the class content, students can interact with one another and our staff in private groups on our SKrafty EDU site. Want to take it further than the classroom? We also have a moderated online forum for teens, SKraftyTube video site where students can make their own videos, SKrafty clubs, Moderated TeamSpeak, and don’t forget the SKrafty Minecraft server which is heavily moderated and a safer place for homeschoolers to play Minecraft together online.

Have more questions? Please feel free to email with any questions you might have, and we are more than happy to help you get started with our program!

Are you ready to join? Head over HERE to read about the SKrafty EDU Subscription and register your student now.