Calling all American Girl Doll fans!  Do you have a love for both American Girl and Minecraft?  This is the class for you.  This is a series of 4 week self paced class with weekly assignments so that your students can work through the assignments on their own time.

What’s to learn?  The American Girl history series books go through a different period of time in each book.  We will be featuring a different American Girl each month with a focus on the history in each.  Weekly lessons will include more in depth study of the history subject.  Following is the schedule which will be in chronological order:

  • Meet Kaya, representing Native America in a region prior to European-centered settlement
  • Meet Felicity, representing Colonial America at the dawn of the Revolutionary War
  • Meet Caroline, representing the War of 1812
  • Meet Josefina, representing Southwest America under Mexican rule
  • Meet Cécile and Meet Marie-Grace, representing New Orleans in the antebellum and during the 1853 yellow fever epidemic
  • Meet Kirsten, representing mid-century settlement of the American “West” by pioneers
  • Meet Addy, representing the tail end of the Civil War era and early Reconstruction Era
  • Meet Samantha, representing turn-of-the-century America and the American Progressive Era
  • Meet Rebecca, representing early twentieth century immigration from Eastern Europe and events leading to World War I America
  • Meet Kit, representing the Great Depression era
  • Meet Molly, representing the World War II era
  • Meet Julie, representing the upheaval and changes of American society during the mid 1970s


Note:  Students will access the weekly instructions on the EDU site and go through the course on their own time.  Moderators will be available in game to field questions and help as needed.

WHERE: SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server (Not playing on SKrafty yet?  Get Whitelisted here)

WHAT:  We will have the following:

  • Weekly Self-Paced Assignments.  This will included out of game studies as well as in game activities.
  • Enrichment activities will include recreating scenes and details from the series inside Minecraft.
  • Monthly Quiz to test progress (optional)


  • Premium Minecraft Account and Minecraft for PC or MAC
  • Minecraft account must be whitelisted on SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server.  Get Whitelisted here.
  • American Girl Books.  Links to each book are in the schedule above.
  • There are no specific age requirements, but students should be able to follow directions and know how to maneuver around in Minecraft.   Younger students will be able to participate as well with parent’s help.