Have you heard of the Disney Circle?  If not, let me tell you about it!  With the Disney Circle you can set all kinds of limits on your kiddo’s electronics time.  You can set limits per app, per person, etc.  You can PAUSE the internet for a certain device or computer!  So, say if you don’t want your kids to access the internet on their tablets, computers after a certain time, during school time, etc. you can just hit the pause button.  It is super easy! There are also filters you can set per child as well.  My kids aren’t so crazy about the Disney Circle, but we love it!

Why am I telling you all this right now?  It’s because Amazon has the Disney Circle on sale for HALF PRICE today.  It is only good for 2 more hours so if you want to get one now’s the time!  Click the link below to grab it:

Disney Circle for Half Price