Unravel the mysteries of the cosmos with our free online class. Tailored for students of all ages, this engaging course offers a short yet thorough exploration into the phenomena of solar eclipses. Understand the science behind the celestial dance of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, and learn how to safely observe these spectacular events.

Click HERE to participate in the class.

Following are the details:

The class is available now.  Don’t worry about getting behind or catching up.  You can just jump in whenever you get ready.  Students will log in to our EDU site to get their lesson and build.  The builds will be done on SKrafty in the Class server.

Optional Minecraft Adventure:

  • SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server (Not playing on SKrafty yet? (Get Whitelisted here)
  • Premium Minecraft Account and Minecraft for PC or MAC
  • Minecraft account must be whitelisted on SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Server
  • Student should know the basics of building in Minecraft, and use proper Minecraft ettiquette (no griefing, etc.)