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  • Cost: This class is no longer available for registration.
  • Textbook: Exploring Government
  • Age/Grade: High School 
  • Teacher: Mrs. Amy Nunnemaker
  • Format: Live; Meets Weekly on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm CST pm CST; See the SKrafty Class Calendar HERE.
  • Course Dates: 9/11/19 – 12/18/19
  • Minecraft Activities: Yes, optional
  • Graded: Yes

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This class is no longer available for registration.


Want to learn about the US Constitution and how it’s government works? This course is a one semester curriculum for High School Credit covering United States Government. The texbook for this class is Exploring Government by Ray Notgrass (Purchased Separately). The live class will be recorded to watch later, if needed.  

Students will earn badges as they complete quizzes and a Diamond Armor badge when they complete the whole class.

Course Length

This course will be a 1 semester class (14 weeks) using the required textbooks Exploring Government by Ray Notgrass.


This class will begin on Wednesday, September 11th from 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm CST and will end Wednesday, December 18th.
You can view the Skrafty Course Schedule and Holidays calendar Here:


You can download a PDF of the 2019-20 Live Class Syllabus here.

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High School Government with Notgrass

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Course Content

Lessons Status

High School Government - Week 1 - The Biblical Basis of Government


High School Government - Week 2 - The Idea of Government and Its Various Forms


High School Government - Week 3 - The United States, An Exercise in Government-Building


High School Government - Week 4 - The Constitution, Article 1: Congress (Part 1)


High School Government - Week 5 - The Constitution, Article 1: Congress (Part 2)


High School Government - Week 6 - The Constitution, Article 2: The Executive


High School Government - Week 7 - The Modern Federal Bureaucracy


High School Government - Week 8 - The Constitution, Article 3: The Judiciary


High School Government - Week 9 - The Constitution, Other Articles and Amendments


High School Government - Week 10 - State Government


High School Government - Week 11 - Local Government


High School Government - Week 12 - Taxing and Spending


High School Government - Week 13 - International Relations, Contemporary Issues


High School Government - Week 14 - Toward a Better America