At a Glance:

  • Cost: $299 or $40 for SKrafty EDU Subscribers
  • Textbook: The Holy Bible
  • Age/Grade: 7th & Up
  • Class Meeting: Wednesdays at 2PM
  • Format: Live (Teacher: Bryan Syx)
  • Course Dates: September 16, 2020 – April 21, 2021 (13 Weeks)
  • Minecraft Activities: No
  • Graded: Yes, Automatically graded quizzes


This Course only $40 registration fee with Subscription!

Apologetics helps us to understand the Biblical foundation of our faith.  A foundational knowledge of truth can help with every decision in life.  When we understand why we believe what we believe we can more easily share it with others.  This course will cover important topics about God and the Bible to help students reach the goal of understanding and defending the Christian faith.

Students will also go through the New City Catechism in this class.  No textbook other than the Bible is required.

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