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  • Format: Self-paced
  • Minecraft Activities: Yes, Optional
  • Graded: Yes, self-grading quizzes
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This 28 lesson class follows Exploring Creation with Anatomy & Physiology (Young Explorer Series) by Apologia. Classes includes weekly recorded lessons, textbook assignments, Minecraft adventures, and quizzes.  Students will need the textbook to complete this course.  Students will learn all about the human body at a level that is understandable to them.

About the Curriculum:

From Apologia: “Take this in-depth journey into the anatomy and physiology of your body through Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology by Jeannie Fulbright and pediatrician Brooke Ryan, M.D. From the brain in your head to the nails on your toes, you and your students will encounter fascinating facts, engaging activities, intriguing experiments, and loads of fun as you learn about the human body and how to keep it working well. Beginning with a brief history of medicine and a peek into cells and DNA, your students will voyage through fourteen lessons covering many subjects, such as the body systems: skeletal, muscular, respiratory, digestive, cardiovascular, nervous and more! They’ll study nutrition and health, how God designed their immune system to protect them, along with embryology and what makes them a unique creation of God.


Students will earn a diamond armor badge on the SKrafty EDU system for completing this course as well as various coins for completing lessons, topics, and quizzes.

Additional Activities:

Each lesson includes an OPTIONAL Minecraft activity which helps to review the topics they are learning so the student can continue learning in a different way!  In this course students will build illustrations of different body systems such as a roller coaster through the digestive system and much more!  While the Minecraft activities are optional, they are strongly encouraged.

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Anatomy with Apologia Live Class 2020/2021

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