Easy Homeschool Curriculum

One of the first questions I usually get when talking to someone about homeschooling is this:

“What Curriculum do you use?”

I know this sounds crazy, but I always find that to be a difficult question.  We use so many different things, and I have NEVER used just one curriculum.  Seriously, if I listed everything we use it might make a new or potentional homeschooler run for the hills.  I want to encourage people to homeschool, not discourage them.  So…Here’s my answer — We use several different things.  I usually list a couple of the main providers we use, and leave it at that.

However, If they are asking because they are looking for ideas on which curriculum to use I do LOVE to make suggestions based on a family’s circumstances.  Many new homeschoolers feel overwhelmed by all the choices.  First year homeschoolers, or even veteran homeschoolers looking for change, often are looking for curriculum that is easy to use but still academically effective.

That is where this series comes in.  I wanted to create a list of homeschool curriculum that is awesome and easy to use.  All of the curriculum on this list will meet the following criteria:

  • Easy Pick up and Go by the Parent – No hours of preparation needed.
  • Academically Effective
  • Self Taught if Possible – Parental oversight and involvement is critical in homeschooling, but many curriculum providers offer self taught courses that are excellent for older children.

I will be posting a new curriculum each day for the next 30 days.  Hope you Enjoy!

Christian Light Education Homeschool Curriculum

Day 1: Christian Light

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