Funny Story: When The Bad News is Disgusting

Ok, so I just had to share this conversation I had with my 5 yr old this morning.

Just a little history first — Last night right before bed he found a keychain with a verse on it & asked if he could have it. My answer was “yes, if you go to bed good”(I know, bad grammar, sorry).

Here’s how it went this morning when he woke up and came to me in the kitchen.

Him: Here, Mom(handing me the keychain). I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news.

Me(mom): What is it? (As I’m taking the keychain from his hand into mine)

Him: Well, The Good News is that I went to bed good last night

Me: What’s the bad news?

Him: The Bad news is that I dropped that keychain in the toilet.

Me: (Now noticing that the keychain that I now have in my hand is dripping a little)


Pink Clouds

My 5 yr old(aka Little Speedy) came running into the kitchen this evening very excitedly.  “Mom, Come look at this!”  As I asked him what it was he said “There are some pretty pink clouds in the sky, come look!”

I followed him to the window he had been sitting at only to see the most beautiful sunset.  It made me smile to see the excitement of a little one who had just noticed his first sunset!

It made me smile even more to know that the 1st person he wanted to share it with was me!

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