Solar Eclipse Lesson

Solar Eclipse Lesson

Welcome to the 2017 Solar Eclipse Mini Class

This one lesson class will teach you all about the solar eclipse that occurred on August 21st 2017.

If you are taking this class after that date you can still have fun and learn about this event that happens in our sky.

Mini Class Lesson

The first solar eclipse recorded was on May 3rd 1375 BC. It was recorded on a clay tablet found in the ruins of the city of Ugarit in modern day Syria. Man has been studying the phenomenon of the solar eclipse for thousands of years. The eclipse is a great time to study things about the sun.

Watch this video about some of these discoveries made by studying the sun during solar eclipses.


Take a look at how eclipses have been viewed since the year 1900.

How does an eclipse work?


Watch this video to find out ….



**Please ask your parents for permission before you click on any weblink in the rest of this lesson.**

You can find some more information about the eclipse at Nasa’s Solar eclipse information website.

They even have a downloadable solar eclipse guide.

How can you prepare to view the eclipse?

Watch this video for some important information.



If you want to view the Solar Eclipse You will want to know some important safety steps to take. Looking at the eclipse directly without safety glasses can severely injure your eyes.



If you do not live on the path of the total eclipse you can view the live stream of the eclipse from Casper, Wyoming.

A local news station will be live streaming it on August 21st only at 1PM Mountain Time. There is also some good eclipse information on this webpage along with a countdown clock until the eclipse.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about the solar eclipse. I hope you and your parents will take the time to explore the Nasa website and dig a bit deeper into the science behind how they determine where the eclipse will be best viewed. Please practice safety when viewing the eclipse and if you are not on the path of totality, please watch the live stream.

This concludes the lesson portion. Please, visit the minecraft assignment for a fun build project to go along with this class.

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