AFF – Monday: Week 10 Minecraft Assignment

Now it’s time to complete your Minecraft adventure for this lesson!


First you will need to log in to the SKrafty Server and head over to /server SKLA. You can get there by clicking on it with your compass OR walking through the portal in SKool.
You will spawn in to the SKLA Server. To get back to your plot(s) type: /plotme home 1, /plotme home 2, etc. IMPORTANT: If you need a new plot to work on because you’ve filled your previous one, you can type the following to get one automatically: /plotme auto


The Little Dutch Boy helped to save his people from a great flood that could have occurred.  This week, let’s build a small version of what the dike would look like.  Be sure to put water behind the dike and the little Dutch boy outside inspecting the leak. Here is an idea of what it might have looked like:

Once you’ve built your scene, create a sign that tells the story of what the little boy was doing and why.  Be sure to include a who/which clause to describe this scene.  You can also include a sentence about who came to his aid in repairing the dike.


ONE MORE THING…..Type the following to submit your assignment for the week. ——>> /sksubmit affmonday 10
**this stands for the class name and the week number.

This concludes the lesson for this week. Come back next week for a new lesson.



Need Help? Have Questions? Want to comment? Go to /warp lamailbox in the language arts server and you will find a mailbox there. Leave any questions or comments there. Make sure to sign your book so I will know who it’s from. Also, be sure to leave a mailbox in your own plot so we can answer back. (a simple mailbox is a chest with a hopper placed on top – hold the shift key when placing the hopper)

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