Java Script – Game Design


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You’re going to be creating three different computer games.
Below is a quick overview of the games

PONG – Lessons 1 & 2 Click Here to see Pong and it’s JavaScript Code

This is what you’ll learn to create step-by-step! Soon you’ll understand all that code!
During the Pong lessons you will learn:

  • JavaScript & HTML!
  • JavaScript objects! (make an image appear on the screen, like a ball or paddle)
  • Object properties! (size, speed, movement direction, stuff like that.)
  • Collision detection! (Like when the ball hits the paddle or game screen, what happens? Very useful in any game)

Fish (Like – Lessons 3 – 5

During the Fish lessons you will learn:

  • Using Keyboard to control Character Movements.
  • Randomize object properties! (randomize things like: location, speed, size)
  • Timed events. (make power up appear on the screen after a certain time or run the same code over and over again.)
  • If statements. (Find out who is bigger when two things collide, then decide what to do.)

Platform – Lessons 6 – 10

During the Platform lessons you will learn:

  • Change images during player movements.(make him look like he’s walking)
  • More advanced power ups! (collect items to allow special abilities.)
  • Create and load multiple levels for anyone to play!
  • So much more, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises!
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Difficulty: This course assumes no coding experience and is written for beginners ages 11+

 To teach students how to code their own browser games Students will learn to code
using JavaScript. They will be able to code their own simple JavaScript game upon completion
of course.

This course is ~30 hours of content + Final Project.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1: How and Where to Code in JavaScript. Functions & Objects
Lesson 2: Creating and updating variables, collision detection functions, linking various
files together.
Lesson 3: Keyboard control functions and object properties for speed and
Lesson 4: Interval and timeout timers, creating random numbers to control location,
speed and starting location of enemies!
Lesson 5: Background music and win screen.
Lesson 6: Animated Character Movements including Running & Jumping.
Lesson 7: Create multiple objects for player to interact, creating an object off of certain
keyboard key (shooting a laser).
Lesson 8: Create, Save and Test Game Levels. Bonus Stages.
Lesson 9: Control Background Audio, Customize and Finish Platform Game!
Lesson 10: Upload Live to the Web and add to your coding portfolio!
For their final project students create their very own JavaScript browser game to upload
live on the web.

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