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  • Limited access to SKrafty classes
  • View student’s quiz results
  • Certificate of Completion for each class
  • 24/7 Access to our class and game server
  • Parent Portal
  • Moderated chat
  • Pick and choose your classes
  • End of course PRINTABLE portfolio for each class which includes screen shots of projects and report card. Portfolio will be sent via email.
Young Crafters Math+
Life of Fred Math: Apples+
Life of Fred Math: Butterflies+
Life of Fred Math: Cats+
Life of Fred Math: Dogs+
Exploring Multiplication
Exploring Fractions
Apologia Young Explorers Chemistry & Physics+
Apologia Young Explorers Astronomy+
Apologia Young Explorers Zoology 1+
Apologia Young Explorers Zoology 2+
Apologia Young Explorers Zoology 3+
Biblical Geology with Dr. Marcus Ross+
Young Science: Geology+
Young Science: Solids, Liquids, and Gases+
Young Science: Water+
Young Science: All About Plants+
Young Science: Anatomy For Kids+
Young Science: Animals & Their Habitats+
Young Science: Astronomy for Kids+
Virtual Field Trips:
Minecraft Virtual Field Trip to France+
Minecraft Virtual Field Trip to Ireland+
The Mystery of History Book 1+
The Mystery of History Book 2+
The Mystery of History Book 3+
The Mystery of History Book 4+
Minecraft History Museum+
Mine Through Time US History+
Story of the World Volume 1+
Story of the World Volume 2+
Story of the World Volume 3+
Build Like an Egyptian+
Greek Culture and Architecture+
Medieval Times+
**FALL 2018 Basic Geography+
History with American Girl+
12 Week Tour of the Old Testament+
The Tabernacle+
The Fruits of the Spirit+
The Armor of God+
Matthew 13 Parables+
The Beatitudes+
Language Arts:
Dr. Seuss Mini Class+
Young Readers Literature Classics+
Little House in the Big Woods+
Young Literature Classics 1+
Primary Language Lessons (All 4 Sessions)+

NOTE:  Does not include:

  • Rank Up
  • rightnow Media
  • Live Class Discounts
  • Many other self paced classes
  • Half Off B’Day Parties

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About The Classes

Most all of our classes are built as self paced and never close or fill up. We also offer fun and exciting live classes. The classes are broken down by weekly lessons and include automatically graded quizzes. They earn badges as they progress through the weeks and also earn in game rewards. There is a Minecraft Adventure Build for each lesson that they do in our class servers. The builds are to further enrich the learning experience.

For example if you are going through Narnia, the server is setup so that they can be the characters in the book and they get to build in Narnia as well. If the class is The Mystery Of History and you are learning about Ephesus you might have an Ephesus Theater build. You get to walk around and virtually be in the colosseum.

Build assignments with friends and family to make it an even more fun experience. Think of it as virtual lap book that they can navigate through 3 dimensionally.

The age level for the classes range from age 5 through high school. There is something for everyone. With our subscriptions you will get access to all of the classes, half off our birthday parties and our online summer camp.
Many use SKrafty as full curriculum and many also use it to add to what they already have planned. You can pick and choose which classes you would like them to participate in and you can organize their classes on our EDU site.


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