Deep Dive into Linear Algebra Problem Solving with SAT Prep


This is a 9-week class focused on Linear Algebra.

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Deep Dive into Linear Algebra Problem Solving with SAT Prep

In this class we hone and apply Algebra skills. Each class tackles one concept. We practice together using ”I do, we do, you do” until we’ve canvassed most types of problems. We work on progressively difficult problems and build speed.
At the end of this course, your student will be able to say, “I have a strong foundation on linear algebra. Not only can I solve the algebraic problems on the SAT with improved accuracy and speed, but I understand the concepts well as I apply them. I can identify many types of algebraic questions I will encounter in advanced math courses, and I can more easily recollect the methodology to handle these problems.”
If your learner has had Algebra in school but needs to hone his/her skills, this is the class for him/her.  You want to know that your learner truly gets how to tackle linear algebra at a gut level.  After all, almost a third of the SAT math questions directly address linear algebra, and many of the remaining problems still require a good understanding of linear algebra to solve.
Linear algebra is the basis of nearly all the math your student will encounter throughout high school and college and beyond.
For the sake of confidence in future math endeavors and a sure-fire best way to improve SAT scores, why not invest in your student’s confidence and skill at linear algebra? Don’t leave any stone on this topic unturned. Trust me, he/she will see these nuances of linear algebra crop up in classes and tests.
In this 9-week, one-lesson-a-week class, learners canvas algebraic concepts from an application perspective. I take the objectives for these skills by looking to College Board (the organization that created SAT). They site 4 categories of topics covered in their Math assessment,
“Heart of Algebra”
“Passport to Advanced Mathematics”
“Problem Solving and Data Analysis”, and
 “Additional Topics in Math”.
I mirror my math courses to College Board’s classifications.  This one covers “Heart of Algebra”.  I have a similar course for each of the other three categories in the planning.
Learners in this class will focus on  the following topics:
Pre-Course: A self-assessment to make sure you are ready for diving in on week 1
Week 1:   Solving linear equations and linear inequalities
Week 2:   Interpreting linear functions
Week 3:   Linear equation word problems
Week 4:   Linear inequality word problems
Week 5:   Graphing linear equations
Week 6:   Linear function word problems
Week 7:   Systems of linear inequalities word problems
Week 8:   Solving systems of linear equations
Week 9:   Systems of linear equations word problems
Before each lesson, I will put a pre-assessment on this course page.  Students are required to complete the assessment as homework.  The purpose of the pre-assessment is toe make sure your learner has a reasonable handle on the concepts being used in the problems. If your student doesn’t perform satisfactorily, be sure to follow the links I provide to Khan Academy’s website to brush up on these skills.  I want all students in the class to be able to keep up and build speed and confidence. That is more easily done if all students are familiar enough with the concepts to reasonably be able to tackle some problems.
In each lesson, we will dive right in to problem solving.  We will spend a few minutes reviewing concepts. We will then practice the easier questions and, as mastery develops, move to the harder questions. We apply the  “I do”/ “We do” / “You Do”.
I’ve been teaching math for sixteen years and I’ve been a personal SAT tutor for seven years. My students have typically raised their scores between 100 and 300 points as a result of my tutoring.
My secret to getting these results is making sure that the students truly understand the underlying concepts when practicing their problems.
I want to do the same for your student.
Thank you for having your learner study with me.  I can’t wait to see him/her in class!
About the Curriculum:
Khan Academy’s website is free for us to use and provides invaluable help for those wanting to improve their algebraic skills for preparation on the SAT or simply to set their foundation in algebraic math.  The “deep dive” lessons provide additional insight not found on the lesson pages of Khan Academy.  For example, when learning how to solve word problems for linear algebra, the example problems are provided freely by Khan Academy, but in this deep dive course, I take the learner deeper, learning the lingo of different types of math problems.  For example, many questions deal with a salesman’s salary, breaking it apart between commission and base salary.  We learn these vocabulary words and analyze how they are used in context of the word problems as we learn how to solve the problems.

Course Length

This course is a 9 week course.


This class will meet weekly on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm – 2:15 pm CST beginning on Tuesday, September 29th and will end Tuesday, December 1st.
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