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  • Cost: $150 or 20% off for Subscribers
  • Requirements: FL Studio Trial Version, MacOS or Windows, Must have already taken the introductory class.
  • Age/Grade: 6th Grade & Up
  • Teacher: Elijah Syx
  • Format: Live; Meets Weekly on Mondays at 11 AM CST for EIGHT WEEKS; See the SKrafty Class Calendar HERE for holiday schedule.
  • Course Dates: October 16th – December 11th (off on Thanksgiving week)
  • Minecraft Activities: No, but FINAL concert will take place live on the SKrafty Minecraft server also via Zoom so Minecraft not required to participate
  • Graded: Yes – Auto Graded Quizzes
  • Number of Lessons: 8
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FL Studio Music Making Class




In this course you will learn how to make music like all of your favorite musicians! FL Studio is one of the most popular programs for modern musicians. A lot of the most popular hits today were made using FL Studio.  At the end of the course we will have a Minecraft DJ party with lots of players featuring YOUR music!

  • Lesson 1. DAW layout making it easier to work with FL studio
  • Lesson 2. Making custom loops using instruments and sound design
  • Lesson 3. How to record and make your vocals sound good
  • Lesson 4. Advanced mixing part 1
  • Lesson 5. Advanced mixing part 2 and mastering
  • Lesson 6. Completing a song and laying it out using the techniques we learned
  • Lesson 7: Finalizing Projects
  • Lesson 8: EXTRA / CONCERT DAY

Have fun!

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