Minecraft Lessons for Homeschool Groups and Co-ops


We have had several people ask about bulk discounts and adding Minecraft learning to your homeschool co-op.  SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft has many options for students from single classes, add-ons to existing classes, as well as private servers for co-op groups.  Customization is available.  We offer classes to go along with The Mystery of History, Story of the World, Apologia Science, Life of Fred, literature units,  and more as well as no textbook required classes.

Following are some of the options:

Bulk Discounts:

Co-op members with 10 or more students are eligible for a discount on any SKrafty EDU subscription.  The Co-op teacher can go through the lesson with the students, and students can complete the Minecraft activities at home throughout the week on the SKrafty server or in their single player worlds.  You can click here to see all the classes available. Each student will need to purchase the class.

If you have a larger group or part of an organization please contact us to find out about our bulk pricing.

The SKrafty EDU subscription includes the following:

  • Unlimited access to entire library of ALL SKrafty classes. Class List
  • Includes current and new classes added
  • Includes live and self paced classes
  • View student’s quiz results
  • Certificate of Completion for each class
  • 24/7 Access to server
  • Moderated chat
  • New classes added frequently.
  • Pick and choose your classes
  • End of course portfolio for each class which includes screen shots of projects and report card.
  • BONUS:  50% off SKrafty Minecraft Birthday Party for subscribers(more info here)

To receive the bulk discount for your group email us at support@skrafty.com for a special discount code.  Please make sure you have a minimum of 10 students committed before requesting the discount.  You will give your co-op members the code to use to sign up for the class or subscription.

Private Server:

Co-op groups and families can rent their own private server at an additional cost.  This option is great if the students want their own place to complete their builds and projects.  Students will enter their private server from the main SKrafty hub.  Private servers include the following:

  • Strict Chat Filters (Bad language will not show up on the screen, and players who use it will be automatically banned).
  • Options available for grief prevention, land claiming, pvp, etc.
  • Owner controls the whitelist for the private server.
  • Pricing will vary depending on the number of students.  Please send an email to whenyouriseup@gmail.com for pricing and availability.
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