How to get started!

Getting started with SKrafty.  There are two sides of SKrafty.  The gaming side and the education side.  The below information will help you get started with both.

Do your kiddos want to play Minecraft with others, but haven’t found a place that’s safe for them?  SKrafty is a Family Friendly Minecraft Server with fully functional survival, creative, and many other mini games. We have lots of fun at Skrafty, and it doesn’t stop there.

SKrafty also has a fully functional homeschool curriculum section that can be used in Minecraft!

See all the SKrafty Homeschool Minecraft Classes Available.

Here are a few things you need to know to get started on SKrafty:

SKrafty has 2 parts, the education side and the game side.  We combine both for an awesome learning experience.

So what would you like to do?

    • To play you need to be whitelisted.  This means you need to register to be added to the SKrafty server.
      • (prereq) To get whilelisted you must have a Minecraft account to play on the computer version of Minecraft.  If you do not already have an account you can sign up for one at
      • This server is a whitelisted server which means everyone will have to be approved to join. We check all users for previous bans on other servers and will only approve previously banned users on an individual case by case basis.  If you are a player with a ban and would like to explain your situation please email us to explain.
      • Go here to get Whitelisted to play.
        Video Help: How to get whitelisted
    • If you subscribe you do not have to also fill out the whitelist to play.  It is done automatically for you unless there is a problem with your Minecraft Premium account.  If you have any problems logging in contact us.
    • Now lets add a Minecraft experience to your learning.  It is great to tap into your children’s interest allowing them to virtually experience what they just learned in their weekly lessons.  We have self-paced and live classes for you to use that includes weekly lessons and a minecraft activity each week!  You also earn badges each week, have quizzes and get a certificate of completion.
    • You can subscribe for all of our classes for a low monthly subscription or purchase a class individually.


These videos will walk you through getting started.

How to purchase your Minecraft Premium Account

How to get whitelisted

Adding SKrafty to your Minecraft Application (to play and to learn)

How to sign up for SKrafty Classes

How to sign in to SKrafty EDU and access your classes

How to access a class server and claim a plot on SKrafty

Helpful Commands

You type the commands once you are logged into SKrafty.
When you are logged in you would hit the / key to begin the command.


  •  If you were changing to the Little House server you would type: /server littlehouse
    *You can also get to the class and game servers from the hub by right clicking with the compass menu in your tray.
  • Once you are on the Little House server you can find a plot by typing: /plotme auto
  • To get back to your plot you can type: /plotme home
  • To talk to others you hit your T then start typing your message.
  • To talk to a specific person with a private message you can type /w /msg or /tell (then the player name)
    • like this: /w superd767 hi
  • By default you will be chatting in local.. which is local to the server you are on.
  • You can also talk in global and everyone on SKrafty can hear you by typing: /g hi
  • To get back to the hub server you can type /server hub or /server hub2 or just /hub or /hub2

Skrafty Minecraft Server is Family and Kid Safe

We have safe chat filters as well as helpful parent moderators to assure that your kids will be safe on the server.  Our kids are playing along with yours, and we take very seriously the responsibility to give them a safe environment to play.

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