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At a Glance:

  • Format: Self Paced
  • Course Dates: Available Anytime
  • Minecraft Activities: Yes, optional
  • Graded: Yes, Automatically graded quizzes

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Are you looking for a straightforward primary level grammar or grammar review course for your students?  Look no further as this is the perfect course to help refresh and improve your student’s grammar skills.  English Made Easy is a self-paced, 30 week course that covers grammar, writing, and other skills for growing your student’s knowledge of the English language with weekly lessons and OPTIONAL Minecraft Adventures. Students will go over everything from parts of speech to capitalization to commonly misused homophones!  There is no textbook required for this class.

Students will earn badges as they complete their quizzes and a Diamond Armor badge when they complete the whole class.


Course Content

Lessons Status

EME Primary: Lesson 1 - Types of Sentences


EME Primary: Lesson 2 - Nouns


EME Primary: Lesson 3 - How to Make Plural Nouns


EME Primary: Lesson 4 - Possessive Nouns


EME Primary: Lesson 5 - Pronouns


EME Primary: Lesson 6 - Pronouns & Compound Subjects


EME Primary: Lesson 7 - Possessive Pronouns


EME Primary: Lesson 8 - Reflexive Pronouns


EME Primary: Lesson 9 - Relative Pronouns


EME Primary: Lesson 10 - Verbs