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so I'm a little bit bored but I wanted to see if anyone had any good strategies one of my favorites is to team up with steven/auxdible and use *cough* his expert detective strategies usually we bait the imposter one goes into a room and the other watches to see if the sheep that was in that room grummed the other one of us


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1: note: only tested on Skeld If you dance in front of cameras for all the rounds you are crew, you can use it as an amazing alibi. When you are impostor, you can start dancing on the camera of your choice (make sure it is always the same camera, I use medbay cams), and then turn the lights off. You then go into medbay, vent, kill someone, vent back, and start dancing again in the same spot. If someone is on cams, vent there and kill them. I have won so many rounds doing this, because it makes it often times nearly impossible to tell if you are impostor or not.
2: note: this one only works if someone is AFK/lagging behind everyone else. If you are in a 3v1 situation, you can call reactor, wait for two to leave cafe, kill the one AFK/lagging behind, then close all the doors leading to cafe. You then wait for your cooldown to lower down, and kill the next person you see. I have clutched so many rounds doing this.


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One of my favorite strats is using lights turning them off and then slicing someone. Also stay away from vents since you can't see out of them you could vent right in front of someone.