What is this game??


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It's a server with a mod pack that makes it a combination of Minecraft and real life. There's the city (Green zone), the suburbs (Blue zone), the forest (Orange zone), and the wilderness (Red zone).

The City. This is the capital and center of Legend. It has a community center (LCC), a community nether portal, skyscrapers, a steakhouse, pizza, 3 McDonald's joints, a Toys "Я" Us, a subway network, a Starbucks, an arcade, soccer stadiums, the Statue of Liberty, a lumber yard, a block shop, money, cars from motorcycles to mini-coopers and even a Tatooine speeder, a hotel, a police station, a plane to the forest, and at night, there's a zombie invasion. The zombies drop goo, which you can sell at the stand by LCC. You can get jobs from selling goo or lumber, to McDonald's, or even selling cars! Legend was the most popular server because of these features, and the suburbs. But vehicles broke at one point, and now the most profitable jobs are zombie hunter and lumberjack. Legend has been very lonely for a while now.

The Suburbs. This is the first layer outside of the city. It consists of many plots of various sizes, which are all up for rent, not for sale. This is the first area where you can build, but only inside your plot. It is separated from the city by suspension bridges, and is the only zone where monsters cannot attack you. You can gather blocks for building from the other three zones. If your next-door neighbor agrees, you can even connect your homes by pushing the blocks with pistons! It is this zone combined with the city that brings more of real life into Minecraft.

The Forest. Do not bring your car(s) here (whether by driving or carrying in your inventory) or they will explode. It is not recommended that you leave valubles here, as they are susceptible to griefing. This is where you can grab wood, mine for goods, or hunt.

The Wilderness. As I said before, so say I now again, Do not bring your car(s) here or they will explode. This zone is pure vanilla, which means PvP is enabled. There is also no server help here, and the nether is down so deep in the world, that this is the only zone it has. However, it is possible to build communities with people you trust. Just keep in mind that whenever you do this, you always run the risk of it being griefed.

All in all, it's a fun server when there are a lot of people on. I'm hoping someday the nether there will reset. This will cause a netherite rush, which should get it popular again.


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It might be both, IDK.
It does add new entities, and there's a "data pack" in there somewhere editing loot tables for the zombies in the City.
i think its a pluggin ive kinda created 2 modpacks before and if its in a server im pretty sure you have to have that modpack installed to join the server or the same mods the server has


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Plus the vehicles arent't very detailed, no offense.