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Should World Edit be implemented into Sandbox?

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  1. jebquotes

    jebquotes ❤️yeet |15% MCN |Minecraft Developer (well..)

    You've probably flown around Sandbox a bit and looked at some of the amazing builds people make. When you look at these structures, you might wonder, "How could I make a structure just as amazing as that one? How could I even start? What could help me make such a structure?" Then it hits you! "World Edit!" You exclaim in happiness, but when you try to do a World Edit command in your plot, it bring up the message "You are not permitted to do that. Are you in the right mode?" You stomp your foot in frustration. You ask yourself the simple question:


    This is a problem I've had time and time again. When you go to create a huge building you've been thinking about non-stop for weeks, you suddenly realize how long it will actually take you. Adding World Edit to sandbox would not only increase the SKrafty population's happiness and thankfulness for adding this wonderful mod to Sandbox, but it would also help these same people build these incredible structures which they wanted to build for so long.


    This is a structure I'm currently building. It's Dema from Twenty One Pilot's newest album, Trench.
    This structure is quite big, as you can see. This structure will take quite a while to build unfortunately, because of its size. I find myself using auto clickers to help build my buildings even though I know there is a mod out there that can help me build this in a few simple steps. Without World Edit on Sandbox, it makes it extremely painful, lengthy, and frustrating to create big buildings.

    I hope the admins consider implementing this into Sandbox.

    - jebquotes
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  2. __IX

    __IX Forum Master

    worldedit would be nice on sandbox, but arenabuild already crashes enough from worldedit. if worldedit gets added, people will abuse it, and make the server lag/crash
  3. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    Sadly true. If immature jerks would avoid intentionally crashing AB, I'm sure they would consider adding it to Sandbox.
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  4. jebquotes

    jebquotes ❤️yeet |15% MCN |Minecraft Developer (well..)

    It might be a good idea implement WorldEdit on sandbox for maybe a week perhaps. See how it works out, and if these WE abusers go too far, then it'd become clear SB shouldn't have WorldEdit. Just a suggestion
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  5. jebquotes

    jebquotes ❤️yeet |15% MCN |Minecraft Developer (well..)

    Plus, AB is not exactly the most popular server. Sandbox is probably the most popular. If you put a #1 rule on SB saying "Do not abuse WorldEdit" then I'm pretty sure it'd be respected.
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  6. This_message

    This_message *jedi forces you* You will be my friend/follower.

    Sadly, it would still be abused. Sandbox is not the place for worldedit but arenabuild only half the people on sk know really much about it and most people don't know how to use we (worldedit)

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