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    Sky Giants is played with up to 24 players per game. The goal of the game is to defend your giant from attackers. Once you join into the game you will need to collect items before the grace period ends. Each team has a merchant that you may trade with at any time. Once you mine ores you will get random loot depending on which ore you mine. The last team remaining with their giant will win or until the time has run out. By default, your team will be the only ones to see your chat. But if you put an ! (exclamation mark) at the start of your message you will say it throughout the whole game. (example: !HELLO WORLD)

    How do i get there?

    You can get there by going through the portal at hub or by using the compass.

    Helpful Tips

    • Make a protective wall around your giant.

    • Take advantage of the teams that have not made protections for their giants

    • When the beast spawns in the center take it out for a team-wide potion effect.
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    This, is the way, to take down the glitched giants. Its lame, but works 100%
    1. Make a giant hole under the teams base
    2. Watch them fall
    3. Wait until they rage quit
    4. They're gone!
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    Umm supere.. after the video there was "suggestions" of what to watch and one had a badd word on it.. then it said "yes please" under the word oh I'm talking about the scuba diving one
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    Suggestions at the end of the video is different for everyone. Just letting you know.
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    I like this game a lot.

    But could it be possible to fix the glitch that makes magenta and sometimes other teams invincible on evergreen?
    @Supere ?
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  10. BreakinAnkles435

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    It's not just evergreen I don't think. Could be wrong.
    And also, a delayed respawn time would make the game ten times better imo. Like seriously, the immediate respawn kills the game for me. Even like a 5 second delay would fix it imo.
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  12. WeepingEnderBro

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    It's also very hard to defend your zombie, in my opinion. Whenever a player(s) from another team comes to attack my zombie, it won't let me hit them. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to defend if I can't actually slay anyone..

    Is this a prominent problem for anyone else?
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    They just circle the giant and its hard
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    I see what you mean, really if you build a wall around your zombie the attacker will not get blown out of the way, and it will be very difficult to hit him without hitting your zombie, which you can't do. So my suggestion to you is to build a wall around your zombie but leave a four block high gap all around your zombie. That way there will still be some protection against snipers, and they will most likely still get blown out of the way when your zombie flies up.

    if that makes any sense.
  15. benprog19

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    Put bedrock underneath the spawn and the giant.. That way no one can get rid of him.
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    The problem is that he disappears at 0% without dying, not that he falls into the void :/
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  17. TheGeekyNerd_

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    Did sonething like that a day or two ago...
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  18. TheGeekyNerd_

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    is it even fixed now? i haven't played in so long lol
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    sadly it's dead

    like me in the mornings

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