-Pyro should have fire res protions

Discussion in 'Sky Wars' started by Speedrix, Feb 13, 2018.


Should the kit Pyro have res potions?

  1. Yes (I it's more fitting)

  2. No (It's fine the way it is)

  3. Yes&No (It should be a totally new kit)

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  1. Speedrix

    Speedrix CCB Leader, just a sped

    I just think it would be more fitting if the pyro kit had fire res potions around of about 3 of them instead or with the armor what do you think?
  2. FlameBoss77

    FlameBoss77 Forum Master

    And a fire aspect bow with no arrows
  3. loona

    loona { how l o v e l y yellow is }

    can we just appreciate this thread bump? like
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  4. _Cvmeqlive_

    _Cvmeqlive_ Lioness of God, Female, 10. ESFP-T

  5. loona

    loona { how l o v e l y yellow is }

    good for u

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