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Pls Less People!

can we get 4-6 ppl at all?!

  • yes

    Votes: 5 31.3%
  • no

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • IDK

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • IDC

    Votes: 2 12.5%
  • maybe

    Votes: 5 31.3%

  • Total voters


Book lover
Yeah! I really enjoy playing Bedwars but there's never enough people on it. It would be great to have 4-6 instead.


having 2 servers would be a breath of fresh air because then because the current bedwars server is doubles
There are 8 teams on each map meaning that dividing each team by 2 would give you a solo number. 8 players.
you could have
/server bedwarssolo
and /server bedwarsdouble