Cant Spawn Mobs

Discussion in 'Sky Wars' started by Skysplash8, Nov 25, 2016.


Do you want to be able to spawn mobs in SkyWars?

  1. Yes!

  2. No.

  3. No, but i would love a refund of my coins for the kit i bought.

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  4. I don't care, i would rather have a different kit.

  5. I don't care, i dont play SkyWars.

  1. Skysplash8

    Skysplash8 Skin Maker and Redstone Specialist

    When i started playing Skywars, i bought the kit that gave me wolf spawn eggs. I then tryed spawning them, but the game would take my egg but not spawn anything. PLease fix this! I would love to have doggies in SkyWars! (Maybe not see them die....)
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  2. The trap

    The trap Trapasaur

    Only zombie eggs work as far as I know
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