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  1. Speedrix

    Speedrix CCB Leader, just a sped

    Since battleroyale is being used for big event stuff like tournaments, I feel it best now to share some ideas I have seen that might make the game a little bit better.

    • 1st Add more blasters. Currently, there are only 3 blasters in the game and tbh it makes it boring. There isn't a lot of variety when there really should be. I would love to see a bezuka type weapon that is a weapon that has slow bullets which would take like a rly long time to hit its target and slow reload time so you can't spam it, but if hit directly on impact it would deal an explosive damage and be basically a 1 shop to half a heart. But it would also be at risk to you bc if you are caught in it's blast radius you would also take damage so you can like run-up to the enemy and do it that way. bezuka is a nice name to call it or Bezuka-RX/Bezzuka-RX which would be found only in loot crates and have up to 4 shots. Just an idea for some new weapons. 3 weapons and some swords aren't enough.2
    • 2nd Nerf the CA-87 the diamond shovel or shotgun weapon. It's too overpowered. Make the reload timer longer or make it do less damage but at this point, with the snipers slow reload time, it's stronger weapon then the sniper and it's like 10x more common. The shotgun is fine as it is but it should not be as common as I find like another one every 2 chests I look in. And there's likely to be multiple in one chest!
    • 3rd Add a built-in minimap for the game. It doesn't have to be big but the big map and it's dark atmosphere is easy to get lost in. A minimap would make it more easy to navigate. It doesn't have to show players but maybe different other things like loot chest locations or different vehicles. And maybe it shows the border too so you'll be less likely to get caught in it. Just an idea.
    • 4th Make crafting items banned. It's too overpowered and makes it so that
    • 5th Make hunger a thing. Apples, as it stands now, are useless because there is no hunger. They are common and they should be but they are still useless bc the hunger doesn't go down. Maybe you can add more foods to the game that gives certain boosts like idk cookie giving you +1 Speed effect or Bread giving you +1 Resistance. Something to think about.
    • 6th Allow the placing of blocks to be enabled in Solos. As it stands right now Duobattleroyale is the only battleroyale game that allows people to place blocks they find in chests. Cobblestone and wood blocks. Now many fights happen on top of the mountain or in a wide-open area with "No" cover. No trees no mountains no hidey holes nothing. Placing blocks you have found would create an instant cover. And this is a problem. If you are out in the open and you get snuck upon, you're basically dead. You should be able to build cover. And this leads on to my other point.
    • 7th You should allow the pickaxe to be able to break blocks placed by players. If you are going to do 6th then you need to do 7th as well. If someone just gets enough blocks they can just block themselves up and hide and basically be untouchable. Also, people can get trapped and that's no good.
    • 8th More maps. The current map is getting a bit repetitive. Unless you want to make it like seasons and every 6 months or so you add something new to the map to make it more interesting, but it'd be cool if you like had another contest to see who could build the next arenabuild map!
    • 9th Elemental Weapons. This is just an idea, but wouldn't it be cool if we had like a flame thrower, or a leaf blower type weapon? I propose this for a start. Add a FlameThrower, a LeafBlower, a WaterGun and a LightningRay. The Flamethrower would deal no dmg but set the player a blazed. The LeafBlower doesn't do any damage either but blows the player away dealing a lot of damage, and if the player is set ablaze with the flamethrower the fire the flamethrower deals will do much more damage and speeds up the fire damage as well. The WaterGun makes you have an effect as if you were swimming in water or just slowness 1 effect. It's an immobile weapon the effect lasts for 10 seconds. The LightningRay for 3 seconds makes you freeze in place and produces damage. Add the WaterGun on and you will be immobile for 10 seconds while taking half heart damage. All these guns would spawn in separate loot chests that like the loot crate spawn randomly on the map. This might be a little too ambitious but it could be an awesome separate gamemode.
    • 10th More Unique Items. One I could think of that would be amazing and a bit broken is a grappling hook. It would have only 4 uses but it would work as you'd imagine. I know it's possible because I believe SKrafty Hub has it's own version of a grappling hook so they could just put that into the game as an item. It wouldn't be common, maybe only found in the loot crate, but it would be a good way of getting out of danger quickly but at your own risk of fall damage. That would give a more purpose to the feather falling 4 dia boots you get from loot chests.
    • 11th Chest Tier. Simple, it would be 2 Tiers. Tier 1 and Tier 2. Tier 1 chests would only give you like stone swords, blocks, pickaxes, at best a machine gun, diamond boots, and gold helmet. Tier 2 would contain the rest. Tier 2 chests would probably not be out in the open so it would be in large structures and such. It's pretty simple but it might give less loot and just better balance to the game.
    • 12th Make the recourse pack downloadable on the forums. This would fix the glitch that both Battleroyale modes have. Now we can put the recourse pack on whenever we want.
    • 13th Make Battleroyale and Duobattleroyale on the same server. It would be like the skywars lobby where it's teams or solo. This would lesson the server space and make it more efficient.
    • 14th Add a Grace Period. It doesn't have to be long, just like 30 seconds or something.
    • 15th Blasters should be able to break glass. Like Rebelstrike, Blasters should be able to break glass window and window pains. It would just be cool and kind of realistically accurate.
    • 16th Maybe add a scope to the DC-15x a scope like the sniper weapon in Rebelstrike.
    • 16th Minor Bug Fix's. Bugs like some chests not opening, the ShotGun not being able to work if you break a block/physically hit the player, players sometimes not being teleported into the game and are left in hub.
    Those are my ideas that should be added to the battleroyale/duobattleroyale minigames. If you have any ideas feel free to comment them! Thanks for reading!
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  2. HotRod

    HotRod 13, #nmsbeyondhype

  3. Mari

    Mari 12, {INTP} i love you 3000

    This may have been mentioned and I missed it but do something about those OP horse armor guns that don't work and the Python-
  4. HotRod

    HotRod 13, #nmsbeyondhype

    personal opinion just move apples
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  5. Speedrix

    Speedrix CCB Leader, just a sped

    never got them if so remove them as well
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  6. Speedrix

    Speedrix CCB Leader, just a sped

  7. Ghost3123

    Ghost3123 ヾ(⌐■_■)ノ♪

    Nerf the sniper rifle too

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