SKrafty Field Trip: Sea World in Orlando




We are so excited to be able to announce another SKrafty field trip!  I hope many of you will be able to join us!  We MUST have a minimum of 15 students on this trip.  The DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION is May 1st! If we don’t have enough students registered by then, we will cancel the trip and refund any payments that have already been made.


Sea World
Orlando, FL


Tuesday,  May 22nd, 2018 at 10:00 AM


This field trip signup is complex. When you signup, please read it thoroughly before selecting your ticket/pass options.  Note:  We must have a minimum of 15 students to “make” this field trip.  The DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: May 1st


Field trip rate is $28 each, ages 3 and up, 2 and under are free. This is field trip is held to a 1:1 ratio of children to adults.

Notes:  We can have more children than adults but not more adults than children. You cannot signup for more adults than you do paying/pass holder students. If you’d like to bring additional adults they’ll need to pay full price and enter at the main gate. *I do not suggest if family x has one child but wishes to bring 3 adults and family y has 4 kids but one adult attending that we balance it out. Because IF family y came down with the flu the day of two adults will unexpectedly wind up paying full price the day of. Additional adults may be able to save up to $20 per ticket by purchasing online at least a day prior.

Pass holders do not have to pay field trip price, but do need to be include in head count, you must remember to bring your passes day of or you may be charged or turned away. (Photo copies of passes will not be accepted.)  Please email pass holder count to

Preschooler Info (Ages 3 – 5):

SeaWorld presently has a free preschool pass available.  There could be a limited number.  If this would be advantageous please signup for a voucher soon. Offer available online through May 20th to Florida residents only at the link below.

It is very helpful if you are in the Orlando area to please redeem the voucher before the day of the field trip. It’s best to do this during the afternoon. (On the day of If a few families still need to redeem vouchers for the preschool pass if they have their printed voucher, the parent’s FL ID, and a copy of the child’s birth certificate, SeaWorld Educational Ticket Counter can print the preschool pass the morning of the field trip. {They are speaking of the kiosk at the educational entrance, please be advised in the past they only had one or two registers operating here and they may be dealing with multiple field trips checking in at that time. It could hold up getting into the park for the group.} We can only print it if the families have pre-registered and bring all 3 pieces of identification mentioned. You can call (407) 545-5550 for information on redeeming passes at the front gate or to inquire about avoiding paying parking to redeem the voucher ahead of time.” If your child would be 6 the day of the field trip (Tuesday, May 22nd) you’ll need to redeem the voucher before the child turns 6.

Meal Voucher Info (Tentative):

Meal voucher prices will be $6.39 per child 9 and under. Kids voucher is for kids meal options only. *
Adult meal (ages 10 and up) $12.78. Good for one entree and beverage.*
*The two above meal options soft drink cups are not good for refills.

Adult meal with refillable cup $15.98 (ages 10 and up.) Adult vouchers are for one entree and a non-alcoholic beverage. The cup for this option can be refilled for free the day of the field trip at any location serving soft drinks on tap.

The meal vouchers are good at cafeteria style restaurants. Mango Joe’s, Seafire Grill, Spice Mill Café, and Voyager’s are all included. You can view sample menus online. They are not good at Shark’s Underwater Grill or Dine with Shamu, meal vouchers exclude brisket and ribs at Voyager’s smokehouse. Meal vouchers are non-refundable, but they are good for one year from the date issued (the tickets however are only good for the day of the field trip.) The meal vouchers save a little over the walk up pricing but not big bucks. (All day dining can be purchased online but is not available through field trips and is good for the same locations as the voucher.)

Picnic Lunch:

You can bring lunch and it can be stored at the educational pavilion. It must be in brown paper bag or cardboard box. You cannot bring coolers soft side or hard. No plastic straws are allowed. (This would apply to juice boxes too.) Please be aware the educational pavilion is at one end of the park not close to the majority of the attractions. You are allowed to carry in food or snacks in a backpack or shoulder bag, no coolers. All bags are subject to search before entry, as stated above no straws are allowed, no glass, no sharp objects.


Presently it looks like park hours will be 10-6, that can change. Our educational program should be at 11:00 or 11:30, at Shamu’s Stadium, but this is subject to change right up till the day of the field trip. If you attend a field trip you are expected to attend the educational program.
If the hours the day of are 10-6 the parking and ticket counters/kiosks may open up to 30 minutes prior, if park hours shift to 9-6 ticket counters/kiosks will open the same time as the park hours beginning.


General parking passes can be purchased online but you’ll need to be able to print the pass, it’s presently $20 per car for general parking. Buying online may save a little time but the cost for parking is the same paying cash at the toll booth. We will need to park near the educational entrance so preferred parking would not be advantageous.

The day of:

The group must all be present before the group can enter the park. Please allow extra time for traffic and getting through bag check. Please plan to meet up 25-30 minutes prior to the field trip start time (10:00 am is meetup time). Those that sign up will get a reminder email with additional information prior to the event. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day.  It would likely be hot, sunny and there are opportunities for getting splashed/soaked in various areas of the park. Sunscreen, hydrating beverages and occasionally rain ponchos can be useful. The Wild Arctic and Antarctica : Empire of the Penguin are chilly, this can be welcome respite from the heat but even a long sleeve shirt might be welcome for a portion of this experience. Please plan accordingly. There are lockers available for rent in various areas of the park.



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