SKrafty Battle Royale Tournament (November 30th 6pm CST)


SKrafty Battle Royale Tournament

Register and Sign up here ($5 Entry Fee)!

Do you like Battle Royale?  As you may know Battle Royale is a last man standing PVP game. Join us for a great time while competing with other SKraftians for the GRAND PRIZE!  This will be a fun organized competition on SKrafty with friends.  This tournament will be announced and coordinated by Supere, SuperI767 and SuperMic767.

1st Place Winner will be awarded with $25 Cash and 4000 SKrafty Nuggets! Note that we need at least 5 people registered for the tournament to take place.  If we don’t have at least 5 entry fees will be refunded and a practice tournament will take place instead.

1. You must be online 30 minutes prior to the tournament start time in order to participate. We will not be able to wait on you to start the tournament.
2. All SKrafty Rules Apply
3. You must fill out the form below in addition to the $5 entry fee (non-refundable).
4. Watch your emails for any updates related to the tournament.

The winner of the tournament will be the player with the most points from 3 rounds.  You will receive 2 points for each defeat and 5 points for the win.  The winner will be announced as soon as possible after the 3 rounds are over.   The winner will be announced on the SKrafty Game forum and via email to the winner.  The payout will be sent via PayPal.


Tournament: Wednesday, November 30th 6:00pm CST (be there 30 minutes early)


We will be hosting the event on SKrafty Minecraft. You can get there by going to /server battleroyale.  If you have an issue with the resource pack then simply go into your settings and disable the resource packs for SKrafty in your Minecraft client.

This event will be live streamed on:

If you are not signed up for SKrafty sign up on

Learn About SKrafty Battle Royale:




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