High School British Literature


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Edward Lyton said, “Classic literature is always modern.”  The goal for this class is to bring classic literature alive to high school students.  Younger students will be considered. Please contact the instructor. 

Course Structure:

There are six modules guides for this class.  Typical weekly assignments include readings of text and supplemental materials, defining literary and/or vocabulary terms associated to readings and some type of writing assignment due every other week. 

Class Details:

The high school literature class will meet every other week to discuss homework and may include review games, student presentations, debates, and quizzes.  

Classes will meet every other week beginning on September 23rd at 11:00 cst.  

Microphones will be required for class.

Cost: $149

Instructor: Laura Jones

Books and Curriculum

Lord of the Flies

Macbeth by William Shakespeare


A Christmas Carol

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

Literature Modules will be posted on the Skrafty EDU to print out for homework.  Your responsibility is to purchase the above books and keep all Literature Modules in a 3-ring binder for organization.   

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