World download


Prince of Procrastination, Governor of Fjellheim
Good afternoon, my fellow SKraftians

As vanilla has been down for several months now, and it doesn’t look like it’s coming back, I’m here to ask for one thing. A world download.
I know many veteran vanilla players would appreciate it, since we invested so much time in the world, to be able to continue to play it would mean a lot.
I personally sank around 1700 hours into vanilla, and I’d like to be able to see my creations, and continue my endeavors.
As it seems Vanilla is being retired, it won’t hurt to give those who worked so hard on their creations access to them.

also some players may say that giving access to the world download would allow people to abuse it to find diamonds, end cities, dungeons ect if vanilla comes back up but seeing as the seed is already leaked (and even if it wasnt players could easily find out the seed with a couple of mods) and players can xray without any consequences it wouldnt really allow people to do anything they cant already do


Prince of Procrastination, Governor of Fjellheim
I would also like to add in that, as to the concern of player privacy, it makes no sense to stop players who have countless hours playing the game from enjoying their builds that have been slaved over, just to make it so that they can't see builds that the creators of don't want seen. You can't build something on a minecraft server with other people, and expect it to remain private


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yeah, i may just say this is ridiculous. frankly, im quite done with playing the server until this returns. i dont care whether i get banned from the server or here because im pretty much done with it all, but vanilla was the one thing keeping me here. there are a LOT of complaints i have with the administration of the forum and the server which i will not delve into for sake of politeness, but the world i spent countless hours on disappearing and not returning is really disappointing and makes me like this whole thing even less. at least share with us the world download if youre not going to update or bring it back up... why would it be a breach of player privacy when its not real? its not real life, its minecraft