Turf Wars (HOW IT WORKS)


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Turf Wars

Turf Wars is played with two teams by claiming all of the enemy turf on the map. To claim the turf you must use your weapons to defeat the enemy. Every defeat you take over more of your opponent's turf.

There are 4 kits:

Marksman (Default), Unrivaled in Archery. One hit, One elimination.

Infiltrator ($2000), You can walk into the enemies turf, But you receive slowness if you don’t return to your turf fast! 1 arrow every 8 seconds. Maximum arrows: 1

Shredder ($4000), Arrows are weaker, but shred through forts!

Charge: Charge your bow to use Barrage.

1 arrow every 4 seconds.

Maximum arrows: 2

Ninja (This kit is gained by earning achievements), Be a ninja! Jump high and run fast!

Constant Speed II effect.

Constant Jump Boost II effect.

1 arrow every 2 seconds.

Maximum arrows: 1

How do I get there?

You can use the compass in any of the hub servers to navigate to all SKrafty servers. You can also get to the games from The Adventure Zone (TAZ).


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Just wondering every time i try to get to 1.10.2 before i can get into the serevr or singleplyer it always says "Java SE Binary has stopped responding" and then the game close to the launcher.