this last factions season was amazing here's some ideas for the next one


programming junkie
read title goof


1) not sure if this was a glitch but bedrock was breakable if 10 tnt blew up on it basically making unraidable bases, not sure if that could be removed for the next season but it would make raiding bases possible

2) idk i would say just keep it the same tbh having koth was amazing and if there was like 1-2 other events that would be really nice

3) keep the server paper 1.8!!! that was so fun to pvp in

and 4) advanced pots would be pretty cool, being able to brew custom potions would be insanely fun to pvp in.

and 5) weekly kit for people who need like diamond, and sharp 2 dia would be nice, and the daily kit could stay the same


programming junkie
note that this is not any form of criticism or a petition this is just suggestions that would be rly good for quality of life stuff next season

oh yeah and something extra

6) having one of the supers do a factions kind of lets play on skrafty factions would be pretty cool imo and could help educate younger/older players alike on how to play factions