The Grand Empire of Fjellheim


Prince of Procrastination, Governor of Fjellheim
The Grand Empire of Fjellheim

The Grand Empire of Fjellheim is one of if not the oldest governments in Vanilla, dating back to creation.


You may apply to be accepted into the ranks of Fjellheim by messaging Puddlethepanda or I ingame


Benefits include but are not limited to:

A prebuilt residence in either the city of Fjellheim or the city of Hollow.

Services provided by the Royal Security Administration including but not limited to Insurance, Investigation, and Protection.

A discount in Puddlethepanda’s shop

National Bank services (W.I.P.)


The G.F.E. Will merge nations and cities into its ranks in return for the citizens of said cities & nations to receive the benefits received by normal citizens, as well as political benefits, supply packages, and more.

Message me for more information if interested