Suggestions for New Skyblocks


Hello, as the rest of you are, i'm super hyped for new skyblocks. naturally I have a few ideas for it, so without further ado, here we go.

1. Custom Islands for grinding resources. Instead of having these weird farming quests, how about we have islands you can grind to get access to that provide an unlimited amount of a resource. For example, at my skyblock island Awyr Wedi Craciom it's designed for a boss fight, so possibly supplying diamonds, nether stars, elytras, etc. and has natural crying obsidian and obby trees. at my other warp Tir Rhew, there are snowbanks and spruce trees you can farm. I believe this would be a very cool feature, and would add an exploration aspect to the game that was previously not found.

2. Custom monsters. These would add variety to your game. For example at Sky of Trees, you can find Zombie Miners, and Desert Raiders (Skeleton equivalent of a husk). Custom texture packs don't even need to be used! With a bit of NBT manipulation, you can edit the protection values of leather armor. Custom bossfights could also be added, For example, at Awyr Wedi Cracio you would fight 'The Ender King' which would be a faster zombie with boosted attack damage and health, and could summon baby versions of itself that are one hit, and mainly are there to annoy you. This would add a fun aspect to the game, trying to fight different monsters past the ones found in vanilla.

3. Some sort of economy, and custom items. I feel a currency like coins would suit skyblock. An auctionhouse would be amazing, for trading gear and blocks. Obviously custom weapons would be insanely fun trying to collect them all, and working with their different abilities and pros and cons. Perhaps enviroments would alter effects, like ice weapons wouldn't be useful in a cold place but a hot enough fire would actually do a lot of damage very fast.

This is all for now, feedback and criticism is appreciated.