Should Legend reset?

Do you think the Blue Orange and Red zones of Legend should reset for Caves and Cliffs?

  • Yes! Caves and Cliffs would be a great addition to Legend!

    Votes: 6 66.7%
  • Yes!

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sorry, no.

    Votes: 1 11.1%
  • I wouldn't mind it.

    Votes: 2 22.2%

  • Total voters


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Legend was a very fun game. With the city, arcade games, cars, soccer, jobs, and restaurants, it had a lot of real life qualities. And the zombie invasion added to the fun. And then the vehicles broke and Legend died. Vehicles have since been fixed but Legend still remains lonely. I made a poll for a nether reset for 1.16 but that failed, unfortunately.

So maybe we should try resetting everything but the city and then allow for 1.17. Or we could wait for 1.18 and reset then. With all the Caves and Cliffs content Legend may get popular again. And maybe the city could have some updates too. Like maybe making the Statue of Liberty model made of actual fully weathered copper. Or maybe putting deepslate in some of the buildings. These are just a couple of many ideas we could do. I hope you vote yes.


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Some of us, like me and Lily, spark and forge, have been working really hard to get good stuff. would that be taken away?


The 2nd reason this died was bad timing on the super’s part. They launched a new faction season right after they released this which yoinked a majority of the playerbase