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Welcome to . . . Sheep Quest! Sheep Quest is a fun pvp type game where you race to collect as many sheep as you can before the time runs out! Watch out for other teams because they are trying to do the same thing! Who will emerge victorious, and who will conquer the Sheep Quest!?

How to play:
There are four teams Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue all racing to collect as many sheep as possible in 5 minutes! Pvp is enabled so you can fight other teams. The goal of the game is simply to collect more sheep than the other teams before the time runs out! Sheep spawn in the middle, right click the sheep with your saddle to pick them up and carry them on your head.

Each team has a sheep pin designated by their colors.

Blue team for example:
Take the sheep to your pin to earn that sheep. However, if you drop the sheep it will wander back to its home pin so don't lose them!
Before each game you can select one of three kits,
Berserker, Archer, and Brute

Berserker kit gives you:
1x Iron axe
1x Sheep collecting saddle
1x Full set of your team's armor
Berserker also has a special charge ability that allows you to double jump! (just double tap space bar)


Archer kit gives you:
1x Bow
1x Arrow every 2 seconds. Maximum of 5.
1x Sheep collecting saddle
1x Full set of your team's armour
Archer also gives you a special ability to launch a barrage of arrows at your opponents!

Brute kit gives you:
1x iron sword
1x Sheep / player collecting saddle
1x Full set of your team's armour
-Also gives slight slowing effect
Brute gives you strength enough to pick up and throw sheep or players!

The combat is 1.8 combat so click as fast as you can!

One last thing, the winning team receives a $nugget$ reward at the end of each game!

So, what are you waiting for? Let's play SKrafty! To get to the game type /server sheepquest
Make sure you have fun!